Weather Patterns, Montana and Wyoming 

When making a decision about buying a fly fishing, hunting or cattle ranch property, it is very important to take local weather patterns into consideration. In Montana and Wyoming, temperatures and annual precipitation amounts can differ vastly within a small distance, sometimes even as little as 5 miles. The weather affects natural cycles such as the movement of trout to their spawning runs, or the times at which wild game frequent a certain area, and how it influences the economics of running an agriculture operation. In some parts of Montana and Wyoming, the climates favor mild winters and sunny days, so properties here usually have more exposure to winter grasses that attract more wild game and allow for longer grazing season for livestock. If you are buying a property for fly fishing, consider the benefits of hatches on the trout stream that are located in areas with mild climate patterns, where you will often notice insect hatches as early as January, there are a lot of trout sub feeding during those hatches.   If you are looking to purchase a hunting ranch, warmer weather patterns are usually found where a significant waterway comes out of the mountains. Normally, chinook winds (warm winds) prevail in the winter months, exposing grasses for wild game. These same waterways gradually widen into productive agriculture valleys with deep rich soils, left behind by a glacier. Historically the Native Americans habitually congregated in these areas because of their mild winters and abundant wildlife. So, if you are looking to purchase a fly fishing, hunting, or agriculture property in Montana or Wyoming, take the time to study regional weather patterns and determine what type of climate that works best for you.

Tim Torgerson / Broker, 1/28/2018



Buyers Market:12/2/17

With the new tax laws starting in January 2018, Montana and Wyoming recreational real estate market maybe an excellent choice for an investment. Montana and Wyoming have few real hot markets, for instance the Bozeman, Montana areas is now a Sellers market with lots of Buyers and low inventory. Being said, there are many beautiful areas throughout Montana that have a large inventory of Fly fishing properties and hunting properties in stunning mountain settings for sale. These kinds of investments offer many benefits from conservation easements to a life style that offers a taste of the old west or fly fishing or hunting retreat that a family can build memories on. I have not seen an inventory like this since before the 2004 – 2005 land boom.

Tim Torgerson / Broker

Beartooth Ranch & Land, LLC




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